10 Training Topics for Employees | EdApp Microlearning (2023)

10 Training Topics for Employees | EdApp Microlearning (1)

Training your employees is important for them to gain the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them in their roles. Doing so will ultimately improve their performance in the long run. There are several training topics for employees that managers can roll out and listed below are some of the topics you can look into.

Training Topic for Employees #1 – Business Ethics

Defining the company’s ethics and code of conduct is key to success as this will help your staff understand what is acceptable behavior in the workplace. This will clear up any ambiguity, resulting in a conflict-free work environment overall. A healthy environment can also boost employee productivity and make them maintain a positive attitude toward their jobs. Including business ethics as part of your training topic for employees is a good investment for future circumstances. There may be times that you may find yourself in a situation involving ethics, and knowing what constitutes acceptable actions can considerably aid critical employees’ decision-making. Employees must be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of business ethics in order to appraise ethical circumstances and decisions, as well as assess future events that may affect the organization and its clients. Ethics is a crucial aspect of business, and each ethical conduct has a significant impact on the company’s future.

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Here are some business ethics online courses you can adopt or use as guides for your next training topics for employees.

Training Topic for Employees #2 – Technology Solutions

Nowadays, businesses employ technological solutions to streamline procedures in various departments, including HR, PR, sales, finance, and more. While implementing modern technologies to keep things simple for employees is highly beneficial and optimal, it might be counterproductive if they are not properly trained. This will be an impactful training topic for employees as this will make them more efficient in their work.

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Training Topic for Employees #3 – Product Knowledge

As part of an organization, every employee must know the products and services the company is offering. It pays to train the employees about product knowledge to help them familiarize themselves with what the company is selling and what the company stands for. This way, they won’t encounter any problems when leading customer presentations. Having an idea of the products will help them understand and appreciate the purpose of their job roles as they ultimately know what they are giving out to the customers and clients.

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Members of the sales team will benefit the most from this training topic for employees because they’re the ones who will sell the product. By knowing the product features and benefits, they’ll be able to showcase it well to customers.

Training Topic for Employees #4 – Sales

A salesperson has to be equipped with a unique combination of skills and a proactive approach to succeed. Having efficient sales training topics for your sales reps is important for adapting to changing movements and trends in the market and ensuring that they’re aligned and up to date with your sales process and sales strategies. Online sales training is beneficial for your employees as they’ll gain the practical knowledge and necessary skills to develop good customer relationships, close a deal, or perform cold-calling. This training topic will also show your team the basics of account-management, or the process of giving their customers support and improvement opportunities after sales to establish relationships with them and foster customer-loyalty.

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Don’t know what courses or strategies to use for your sales training? Here are some guides you can look into: corporate sales training courses, salesman training courses, implementing sales strategy, sales training topic ideas, and sales training techniques.

Training Topic for Employees #5 – Marketing

Marketing is essential in organizations since it is responsible for determining what customers want in a product as well as how the business will meet their needs and preferences. Consumers will be more inclined to favor and purchase products from a brand if the marketing plan is effective, resulting in increased sales and revenue for the company. There are different roles under the marketing department and conducting a variety of marketing training topics for marketers will surely hone their knowledge and skills that they could apply in their work.

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To help you with your search for marketing courses, check these out: marketing training programs, social media marketing courses, and digital marketing courses.

Training Topic for Employees #6 – Data Privacy

Employee data collection and data privacy have been increasingly prominent topics of discussion on a global basis in the previous years. It’s critical for employees to understand consumer rights and the laws that regulate personal data for them to avoid making data breach mistakes. Data privacy training topics for employees are important as it allows all members of the organization to know the company’s privacy policy strategies and maintain compliance. This is especially essential for teams who have open access to customers’ data. A data breach is a serious violation and it could put the company at risk so it’s highly important to be compliant.

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Looking for data privacy courses? We have got you covered. Train your teams with GDPR compliance training courses and data protection courses.

Training Topic for Employees #7 – Compliance

When a new hire is joining a company, compliance must be addressed straight away to familiarize themselves with the rules and policies of your organization. This is to ensure that the employment will not violate workplace practices under the state rules and regulations. Nonobservance of policies may lead to interpersonal conflicts or worse, lawsuits that can cause distress to the employees. This can also damage the credibility of the company where non-compliance takes place. To ensure the compliance of your teams, compliance training topics for employees must be delivered for everyone to know their rights and responsibilities.

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Here are HR compliance training courses for your HR officers to implement.

Training Topic for Employees #8 – Safety

To guarantee the safety of all workers and ensure OSHA-compliance, businesses must comply with legal safety procedures, particularly for roles that involve manual labor. Managers should consider workplace safety training topics for employees to ensure that they are well-equipped with safety protocol knowledge. This will make the workers confident in their jobs as they already know what to do to avoid workplace injuries. A safe working environment should always be a priority for all companies. Accidents in the workplace must be avoided where possible, for both the benefit of the employee’s wellbeing and to prevent legal implications.

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Safety is a broad topic but we’re here to guide you on the possible safety topics you can cover. Check out: electrical safety, chemical safety, office safety, construction safety, fire safety, and lab safety.

Training Topic for Employees #9 – Communication Skills

Communication skills is an important soft skill that everyone should develop to be able to work more effectively with their colleagues. Being able to communicate well entails being able to convey what you want immediately so no time is wasted just trying to explain the information ineffectively. Communication is not only about talking but it’s also knowing how to actively listen to your coworkers to create valuable conversations. This decreases misunderstanding and conflicts, making the workplace a healthy environment for everyone.

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Don’t know what courses to deploy to your teams? Check out communication skills courses for selections.

Training Topic for Employees #10 – Company Processes

Company processes are usually introduced during the onboarding period for new hires. Taking time to train them on the different processes will speed up their work because they won’t have to ask all the time how things operate in the company. Everything will be organized, may it be documents or requests, and the everyday workflow of your teams won’t be disrupted. This training topic for employees is ideal to hold during the start of their employment and whenever changes are to be implemented. Keeping them up-to-date on the company’s internal affairs is the best way to support your employees in their jobs.

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10 Training Topics for Employees | EdApp Microlearning? ›

Orientation training is the one a new hire gets when they first join the company. It is the most common type of employee training because it's necessary for a smooth transition. It mainly consists of welcoming the new employees and introducing them to the company.

What are the 6 key points of effective employee training? ›

6 Steps To Design An Effective Employee Training Plan
  • #1. Determine your employees' training requirements.
  • #2. Align training with business needs.
  • #3. Obtain approval from upper management.
  • #4. Learn about training materials.
  • #5. Create an employee training program.
  • #6. Assess, reevaluate, and keep improving over time.
Mar 19, 2022

What is the most common type of employee training answer? ›

Orientation training is the one a new hire gets when they first join the company. It is the most common type of employee training because it's necessary for a smooth transition. It mainly consists of welcoming the new employees and introducing them to the company.

How do I choose a training topic? ›

Tips for choosing training topics

Consider your passions: Consider topics that interest you, regardless of whether they fit traditional expectations for your job. Many companies offer training materials that use unconventional or creative subjects to enhance workplace skills.

What are the 3 things that every employee needs to be doing? ›

Every employee needs the same things you do — training, guidance and encouragement — but many if not most companies offer very little of those things nowadays.

What are the best training topics for managers? ›

15 topics to cover in manager training programs
  1. Industry-specific knowledge. ...
  2. Inclusivity in the workplace. ...
  3. Conflict resolution. ...
  4. Workplace security. ...
  5. Hiring process. ...
  6. Employee termination. ...
  7. Coaching. ...
  8. Employee retention.
Jun 24, 2022

What are the six basic training strategies? ›

6 steps for designing a training program for employees
  • Target a specific role. ...
  • Define three core functions. ...
  • Determine essential knowledge and skills. ...
  • Set topics for recurring practice. ...
  • Detail learning systems. ...
  • Measure outcomes. ...
  • Let us lend a hand.
Dec 10, 2021

What are the five principles of good training? ›

Five Fundamental Training Principles
  • Overload Principle. Improvements are driven by stress. ...
  • FITT Principle. ...
  • Specificity Principle. ...
  • Reversibility Principle. ...
  • Rest, Recovery & Periodisation.
Mar 15, 2022

What 3 things make for effective training? ›

What are the key elements of a successful training program?
  • #1 Effective Program Management.
  • #2 Assessment of employee learning needs.
  • #3 Alignment of training with the objectives of the organization.
  • #4 Training mesuarement.
  • #5 Relevant training content.
  • #6 Creative ideas that draw employees.
Nov 17, 2022

What are the 9 types of training? ›

Most HR managers use a variety of these types of training to develop a holistic employee.
  • Technical or Technology Training. ...
  • Quality Training. ...
  • Skills Training. ...
  • Soft Skills Training. ...
  • Professional Training and Legal Training. ...
  • Team Training. ...
  • Managerial Training. ...
  • Safety Training.

What are the 4 primary types of training? ›

These types are commonly employed throughout the training process (orientation, in-house, mentorship, and external training).

What are four main training types? ›

The four types of training are receptive, directive, guided discovery, and exploratory.

What is the most popular form of training? ›

Classroom-style training is the most popular training method.

What are the 3 types of training? ›

There are three main types of training carried out in the workplace.
  • induction.
  • on-the-job.
  • off-the-job.

What is a training topic or agenda? ›

A training agenda is, basically, a series or outline of activities or training process a trainer sets for the whole training course or program. This is to evenly distribute the time allocated for each activity in the whole training process, and to be able to easily monitor the performance of the trainees.

What are the top 5 needs for employees? ›

Employees' Needs Work Must Satisfy: Main Takeaways
  • Psychological (food, clothing, shelter)
  • Safety (personal security, employment)
  • Love and belonging (friendship, family, sense of connection)
  • Esteem (respect, recognition)
  • Self-actualization (achieving your full potential).
Mar 4, 2022

What are the 4 needs for employee motivation? ›

The research by Nohria, Groysberg and Lee shows that employees are only truly motivated when all four needs (possessions, commitment, comprehension and protection) are met at the same time.

What are the things the employees need to improve? ›

Areas of improvement for employees
  • Time management. The better people can multitask, meet deadlines and manage their time, the more productive they will be at work. ...
  • Customer service. ...
  • Teamwork. ...
  • Interpersonal skills. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Writing. ...
  • Accepting feedback. ...
  • Organization.
May 4, 2023

What are the 5 lessons learned regarding the management of your team? ›

Here are some other key lessons I have learnt throughout my management career:
  • Treat people with respect. ...
  • Give individuals specific tasks and goals bearing their skillsets and strengths in mind. ...
  • Set clear objectives, share what the end goal is and stress how important every individual in the team is in achieving this.

What are the topics of people management? ›

Examples of sub-aspects or tasks supporting the key pillars of people management include employer branding, recruitment, compensation, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation and engagement, communication, administration, and training.

What are the 10 major principles of training? ›

The 10 principles of fitness training are Specificity, Overload, Progression, Individualisation, Recovery, Variation, Reversibility, Balance, Warm-up and Cool Down, and Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance. Each principle should be followed to ensure that your body is being challenged in the best way possible.

What are the 7 principles of training definition? ›

JERRY Diaz, a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, said there are seven principles of exercise: individuality, specificity, progression, overload, adaptation, recovery, and reversibility.

What are the 5 core movements integrated into strength training? ›

The Best Core Strength Exercises
  • Crunches.
  • back extension.
  • side bends.
  • trunk rotations.

What are the 8 principles of training? ›

  • 1 – Principle of PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD.
  • 2 – Principle of INDIVIDUALIZATION.
  • 3 – Principle of REGULARITY.
  • 4 – Principle of SPECIFICITY.
  • 5 – Principle of REVERSIBILITY.
  • 6 – Principle of VARIATION & ADAPTATION.
  • 7 – Principle of REST & RECOVERY.
  • 8 – Principle of PERIODIZATION.
Dec 24, 2016

What are the three 3 principles of training? ›

Principles of Training

The best fitness training programs are built on three principles: overload, progression, and specificity. By using these principles, you can design an exercise program that improves performance, skill, ability, and physical fitness.

How do you train your employees? ›

5 Easy Steps To Effectively Train Your Staff
  1. Define The Job. Itemize the main duties and tasks of the job. ...
  2. Prepare To Train. List the areas of responsibility and procedures to complete each task. ...
  3. Communicate & Demonstrate. ...
  4. Foster Feedback. ...
  5. Follow Up Frequently. ...
  6. Conclusion.

What are 4 methods used to know that training was successful? ›

Post-training quizzes, one-to-one discussions, employee surveys, participant case studies, and official certification exams are some ways to measure training effectiveness.

What are five examples of training? ›

10 examples of training programs
  • Orientation. Many new employees undergo an orientation process during their first few days at a company to learn critical information about their job position. ...
  • Onboarding. ...
  • Internal training. ...
  • Outsourced training. ...
  • Industry conferences. ...
  • Management training. ...
  • Technical skills training. ...
  • Shadowing.
Mar 29, 2023

What are examples of training? ›

Training is also the action of undertaking a course of exercise in preparation for, for example, a sporting event. If I say “Mary will have to go into strict training,” I am referring to physical exercise and the practice of specific skills. Perhaps she will train for a tennis or hockey match.

What are the five common types of training? ›

Types of Training – 5 Main Types: Orientation Training, Job Training, Craft Training, Internship Training and Retraining.

What are the 7 types of specific forms of power training? ›

Listed below are different types of strength with a brief overview of the training program required to achieve that outcome.
  • Agile Strength. ...
  • Strength Endurance. ...
  • Explosive Strength. ...
  • Maximum Strength. ...
  • Relative Strength. ...
  • Speed Strength. ...
  • Starting Strength.
Jun 29, 2015

What are training principles? ›

Training means engaging in activity to improve performance and/or fitness; this is best accomplished by understanding general sports training principles: overload, reversibility, progression, individualization, periodization, and specificity.

How do you train an employee with no experience? ›

Four Tips for Managing New Employees Who Have Minimal Experience
  1. Step one: Give them a success model. ...
  2. Step two: Give them examples. ...
  3. Step three: Demonstrate/role play. ...
  4. Step four: Create a playbook.

What is the 3 step method of training? ›

This video explains the basics of the 3 step model. The 3 steps of the model are preview, study and revise. In improving your study techniques, you will learn about a brain-friendly study method.

What is a list of topics for a meeting called? ›

Agenda. The agenda is the version of the meeting plan shared with meeting attendees. Sharing a meeting's agenda in advance helps attendees come prepared. During the meeting, an agenda can be used to help keep the conversation moving forward and on time. The simplest agendas are formatted as a short bulleted list.

What is a good training agenda? ›

Typical training agendas for professional development include managing change, negotiating effectively, making decisions and solving problems. The agenda usually includes an introduction, icebreaker activity, lecture, exercises and optionally, a test. The agenda may also specify breaks and homework assignments.

How do you make training interesting for employees? ›

  1. Role-play. Our brains are wired to learn through storytelling, and role-play scenarios are the best way to recreate the immersive environment that storytelling provides. ...
  2. Discussion activities. ...
  3. Games. ...
  4. Polling. ...
  5. Slide-based courses. ...
  6. Quizzes/Assessments. ...
  7. Training videos. ...
  8. Dialogue simulations.
Feb 19, 2022

What key topics should be covered in training to managers on performance management? ›

The Basic Performance Management Process
  • Performance Management Planning. For every new hire, there needs to be a process of goal setting in the onboarding stage. ...
  • Employee Performance Assessment. ...
  • Recognition for Accomplishments. ...
  • Career Development.

How do you train employees to get along? ›

How to deal with employees who don't get along
  1. Understand the nature of the conflict. ...
  2. Encourage employees to work it out themselves. ...
  3. Nip it in the bud quickly. ...
  4. Listen to both sides. ...
  5. Determine the real issue, together. ...
  6. Consult your employee handbook. ...
  7. Find a solution. ...
  8. Write it up.

What training topics and activities does the HR need to prepare for employee? ›

10 HR Training Topics
  • Onboarding Topics. Effective employee onboarding is key for new hires to get off to a strong start in their new workplace. ...
  • Related Technology Solutions. ...
  • Teamwork Seminar. ...
  • Company Culture HR Topics. ...
  • Compliance Training. ...
  • Work Ethics List. ...
  • Time Management. ...
  • Workplace Safety HR Topics.
Nov 9, 2021


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